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Cadets from across the Corps can take part in Road Marching which is a great way to get fit, make new friends and learn team working skills. It also provides the opportunity to travel far and wide to represent your Squadron, Wing, Region and the RAF Air Cadets as a whole. Training usually starts in the Autumn, with the various Wing teams building up their fitness levels and developing their skills- not everyone will make it onto the team, so you need to work hard. Teams will learn basic team work skills, route marching, and how to look after and care for yourself and your equipment, all whilst undertaking a physically challenging, but fun activity.

2 Day Events

The teams are able to take apart in a number of Road Marches around the UK and abroad. Most teams will start off with one of the 2-day Marches, normally completing 25 miles each day. These Marches include the 2 Day RAF WARMA Marches, the Scottish Garelochhead 2-Day March, the International Waendel Walk, The Forces March / The Cadet Challenge and the Langport Walking Festival. All of these events will qualify cadets to wear the Bronze Road Marching Badge.

4 Day or Longer Distance Events

Teams can also take part in longer Road marches, often over 4 days. These include the Forces March, Ijzer March (Belgium) and Dodendocht (Belgium). Cadets completing these marches will qualify to wear the Silver Road Marching Badge.

Nijmegen 4 Day March

Most Air Cadet Teams aim to qualify for and complete the Nijmegen, 4 Day marches. This sees teams complete 25 miles each day, for 4 days. Those cadets who qualify (Hold a Bronze badge for the year of entry) and complete the event, will qualify for the Gold Road Marching Badge.