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Leadership is a vital skill for life and you will get the chance to learn and put into practice the theory of leadership, throughout your cadet career. If you show an apititude for leadership, you may find yourself stepping up on the promotion ladder of the Cadet NCO ranks, where you will lead and guide cadets younger than yourself.

In the Air Cadets, you will develop your own leadership style, as you participate in camps and courses each year. Alongside the syllabus and theory training, you can be expected lead cadets and find a confidence in yourself, you might not have realised you had.

As you progress, you could take the opportunity to go on a number of dedicated leadership courses, including the Air Cadet Leadership Course held at RAF Cranwell, where you will join cadets from all over the country.

Can you be a leader? Come and find out.

Cadet Foundation Leadership

This training is an introduction to the principles of leadership and covers how to use the SMEAC (Situation, Mission, Execution, Any Questions, Check Understanding) to brief a group of cadets and then put this into practice. You will learn these basics as a Junior cadet.

Cadet Basic Leadership

This training aims to provide leadership activities to be undertaken with cadets from other Squadrons, putting into practice the basic theory taught. It allows you to lead a small group of cadets to complete a given task.

Cadet Intermediate Leadership

This training aims to introduce a higher level of theory and practical ability during leadership exercises and expects cadets to use their initiative to complete more complex tasks.

Advanced Leadership Specialist

This training aims to deliver a challenging leadership programme that produces a higher level of competency and develops the potential for leadership instructors. The training is provided through the Air Cadet Leadership Course (ACLC), the Junior Leaders Course (JL) or an Advanced Leadership Course run by the Corps.