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The Air Cadets sets itself very high standards in dress and behaviour. We pride ourselves on our standards of discipline, smartness and teamwork and Drill is one of the ways in which we achieve these goals. Drill is taught to all Cadets. There are various commands that each Cadet will have to learn and know how to respond to. The idea is to enable Cadets to work together in a smart and disciplined way. It is also a good way of creating well disciplined Cadets, who can work together outside of a Drill environment both in and out the of the organisation.

Drill is often used in the Air Training Corps as method of moving groups around on the ground from A to B in a smart orderly fashion. As a Cadet you will participate in various different types of Drill:

Foot Drill

Foot drill can be for large numbers of cadets, but in competitions, a team of between 9 and 12 cadets follow the instructions of the Drill IC to perform a given sequence. Some of the movements in the competition drill are quite tricky, and this is one of the most sought after trophies on Wing Training Days, where Squadrons compete against each other.

Banner Drill

Banner drill involves the carrying of the Squadron Banner, with escorts accompanying the Banner Bearer. This drill can be seen on Annual parade, such as Remembrance Sunday. It is also another highly competitive competition on Wing Training Day.

Rifle Drill

Rifle drill involves the handling of a rifle whilst performing drill movements. The drill used varies slightly to normal foot drill and follows the form of continuity drill. This drill has to be taught by a qualified arms drill instructor and so is more often experienced on Annual camps, such as the Corps Drill and Ceremonial Camp.

Annual Parades

The following Annual parades are compulsory for cadets and you should be in attendance to mark these special occasions.

– ATC Sunday- The Sunday closest to the 5th February, to commemorate the formation of the ATC.
– Battle of Britain
– Remembrance Sunday