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What happens when I join?


It’s great to see that you’re interested in joining us! We understand that starting something new can be a bit overwhelming at times, which is why we have Junior Cadet intakes three times a year. This way, you will start at the same as other people and can become a team that progress through your Junior Cadet training together. This should make it easier, as everyone is feeling the same!

Our next Junior Cadet Intake evening is; Thursday 17th January 2019, at 7pm

When you join, you will come down with your parents on the first night and you’ll be able to find out a bit more about who we are and what we do. After a quick presentation, you’ll get to take part in a few of the activities we offer. The first evening is designed to ‘break the ice’ and help you settle in and allows you and your parent/guardian to find out more about us. Hopefully, you’ll want to join us and begin your Cadet career!

The first couple of months introduce you to some of the basics of being an Air Cadet. Such things as uniform upkeep, drill and deportment, safety, weapons handling, basic adventure training, airmanship, first aid, Air Cadet knowledge and our rules and regulations will all be covered.

We hope you continue to stay and after a few weeks you will be issued with your blue uniform. The uniform (except shoes) is issued on loan to you free of charge. Please ensure you look after it, and if you leave it must be returned to the Squadron.

After three months, you’ll have been officially enrolled into the Air Cadets, meaning you can begin to take part in wider activities and have completed your Phase 1 Initial Training.You will participate in a ‘Passing Out Parade’, which will be attended by your family, so they can share in your achievement.

After six months, you will have completed your First Class cadet and Phase 2 Initial Training and can now fully progress onto the wide range of activities that the RAF Air Cadets has to offer and join the other cadets on the main training programme. As long as you are 13 and 3 months, you’ll also be able to start attending flying and gliding!

Some cadets, maybe not much older than you, will have been promoted to become Non Commissioned Officers, or NCOs as they are better know and they hold a rank — Corporals, Sergeants, Flight Sergeants or Cadet Warrant Officers. They have earned their authority. One day, you may become an NCO so please treat them with respect and carry out any instructions from them. The rank structure is used both across cadets and staff, we use the ranks and surnames when addressing each other- don’t worry though, you’ll learn all about it and you will hopefully aspire to become an NCO one day, using your knowledge and leadership to support younger cadets.