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Duke of Edinburgh


A D of E programme is a real adventure from beginning to end. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. You just need to be aged between 14 and 24.

Pre Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Royal Air Force Air Cadets is one of the largest bodies involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The Award is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities for young people aged 14-25. To support Cadets who are too young to undertake the Award, the RAF Air Cadets have developed a “Pre-DofE” Award, based upon the same ethos as the full award.

You can do programmes at three levels, Bronze, Silver or Gold, which lead to a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. You achieve an Award by completing a personal programme of activities in four sections (five if you’re going for Gold).

There are four sections at Bronze and Silver level and five at Gold:

Volunteering – Get involved providing services to individuals or the community and make a difference to other people’s lives.

Physical – Get active and improve your skills and fitness in sport, dance or other physical activities – it’s your choice.

Skills – Find new interests and get new talents (or perfect existing ones), with increased practical and social skills.

Expedition – Get outdoors and plan, train for and complete an adventurous journey in the UK or abroad – an unbeatable experience

Residential – Only at Gold level. Getting to the Gold level is a big deal and this last stage could see you going to another country, sharing tasks and activities with people you’ve never met. It’ll test your mettle, and set you up for what life throws at you in the future. Employers like to see participation in this award and it could give you the edge when it comes to gaining employment.

Bronze Time Scales:

Minimum age of 13 years 9 months or Year 9

Silver Time Scales:

Minimum age of 15 years or Year 10

Gold Time Scales:

Minimum age of 16

For more information on the The Award, please visit www.dofe.org

Air Cadet activities and training can be a very large part of a D of E programme, but it will still be necessary for cadets and staff to make extra efforts outside the Air Cadet activities.